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  • Feeding

    We routinely feed 2x a day. You may bring your own food or your pet may eat the Kennel's kibble and canned meat. Additional feeds are always provided as needed for puppies, geriatric pets, diabetic dogs etc. We have a refrigerator and microwave for special additions you might bring for your dog food or special diets. We provide biscuits and treats to our guests. There is no additional charge for special diets. Feel free to bring you own food if you prefer.

  • Medications

    All medications must be labeled clearly identified by name, dosage and time to be given. Any medications injection, insulin, eye drops, ear meds can be administered. A nominal fee is charged for this service.

  • Special Needs

    A small separate area is available for a first time boarder, very young puppy, and easily stressed dog, or special needs pet. I will do everything I can to provide and accommodate your special needs pet.

  • Vaccinations-Dogs

    For the protection of your pet and all boarding pets, we require current distemper, rabies and bordetella vaccinations for all dogs. Kennel cough vaccine should be given at least 2 weeks prior to arrival to reach full immunization. We follow your veterinarian’s protocol for all vaccinations dates of expiration.

  • Vaccinations-Cats

    All cats must have current feline distemper and rabies. All meds and insulin can be administered as well to your cat. A nominal fee is charged for this service. Occasionally you might see a rabbit, a gecko, or hamster boarding in our office area hanging out with us. We are to care for your small pet if you provide the necessary cage, food and materials.

  • Hours of operation

    We are open seven days a week
    Monday thru Saturday 8:30am -11:00am + 4:00pm -6:00pm

    As a service to our customers who needs to work early on Monday mornings we are open Sundays 4:00pm-6:00pm only.

    We are closed on all family holidays that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas ever and Christmas day and Easter Sunday

    Government holidays are just like a Sunday, we are open 4-6pm only