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We offer full grooming services to all breed dogs and cats, which includes brushing, de-matting, bathing, nail trim, ear cleaning and haircut

Prices vary based on service required, condition of coat, and time required to groom your pet. We do it all; Bathing, brushing, de-matting, nail trim, ear cleaning and hair cuts. Appointments can be scheduled with or without a boarding reservation. Should you choose to groom your dog while boarding, we will schedule their appointment as closely to being picked up as possible.

Boarding Dogs

Your Dogs Comfort and Safety are our top priority at the B&B!

Our extra large indoor pens are roomy enough to comfortably house 2 bull mastifs, 3 wheatons or 6++ Yorkshire terriers with a pull door to extend into a 100 square foot run...  The kennels are sanitized floor to ceiling twice a day and thrice when necessary. Towels, blankets and rugs are provided in each pen, but you can also bring your own.  Many pets do better with their own security blanket when away from their family.  Smaller dogs are housed in indoor pens and carried or leash walked out to outdoor runs.  We offer both concrete and stone runs if your animal prefers a specific 'potty' environment. Your pet is let out at  
least 4 times a day for exercise and to eliminate  . Your pet's 20ft.
long out side run has overhead roofing to protect your dog from 
rain, snow, and any other elements.


Does your Dog love to play ball? So do we...

One on one playtime can be arranged with our trained handlers. Whether it be a game of Frisbee in one of our large grass paddocks or a long stroll on a leash around the property, the staff at the B&B are here to customize your pets stay and offer the home away from home experience that you've been looking for.

Boarding Cats and Other Small Pets

“Kitties” are housed in an individual 3 level cat condo.

Totally separate from the dog boarding area. They are boarded in a very social area where they see and interact with people all day long.